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Introduction to Angels Concierge Service- mobile angels

Who is Angels Concierge Service and what makes Angels Concierge Service special?

There are so many health care service around. Health care is a common business that has many practitioners delivering every service under the sun.

Angels Concierge Service (ACS) is a premiere health care service that delivers personalized mobile services. We are a State certified laboratory that administers point of care testing- urine drug screens, pregnancy, strep, COVID 19 (PCR and antibody), department of transportation testing, and flu. ACS brings the lab to you. No more waiting in long lines, driving in bumper to bumper traffic and sitting in a cold impersonal office. ACS is all about managing your time, adding value and convenience to your life.

We are also offer chronic care management services to improve patient outcomes by increasing provider and patient interactions. ACS offers immunizations, paternity testing, post op care, diabetic foot care and elder care services /advocacy.

Concierge service is specifically for the client and their needs. We find ways to personalize and provide true client centered care. We have mobile angels that come to the client during and outside of traditional work hours.

These resources separates ACS from other health care companies. We believe in the old school concept of house calls and community outreach.

I have partnerships with medical and non medical home health care agencies, behavior health specialists, practitioners, pharmacies, dental services and various medical specialities such as vascular, podiatry and cardiology providers. These partnerships offer the opportunity to have specialists that will treat the clients and offer more resources within the community. ACS has a partnership with a non medical home care service that caters to neurological clients. ACS offers the only professional RN assessment service for clients initiating non medical home care services.

Confidentiality and first-class customer service is our mission.

My blogs will be introductions into various health care topics that my concierge service offers and educates clients about. The next blog will give you some insight into who started ACS.

Angels Concierge Service is in Southern CA and ready to meet your healthcare and laboratory needs. Look for us on social media and find us on Google. We are unique because we are a lab and a concierge health care system. Yes, we do house calls.

Continue to watch us grow in the community. Subscribe to our upcoming newsletter so you can stay abreast of all services ACS provides. If you want to own a lab or speciality health business let's talk and sign up for my coaching sessions.


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