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Reflect on your feet

Anyone with diabetes needs to manage their foot care daily. Even a small cut can be detrimental and produce serious consequences.

Diabetes can cause nerve damage which can affect the feeling in the feet and can reduce blood flow. The reduced blood flow makes healing difficult if the feet become injured or infected. A blister or a sore is harmless for most but not for those with diabetes. A blister or a sore could lead to an infection or a non healing wound that could put a diabetic at risk for an amputation.

The diabetic needs to reflect on their feet and manage meticulous foot care. A simple way to reflect on your feet is to think of CPR. A lifesaving way to maintain your foot health.

C= Check your feet for cuts, blisters, redness and swelling. Any changes to the nails or nail beds should be discussed with your provider or podiatrist. Monitor for lack of sensation, shooting pains, numbness/ pins and needles sensations.

P= Protect your feet. Check your socks and shoes before putting them on in the morning. Never walk around without shoes.

Refer= speak with your primary care and/or podiatrist if there are foot symptoms.


Toyannette Allen, RN,BSN, MS

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