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Why do I need lab tests?

It's that time of the year again, to go to your annual medical exam. Do you ever wonder why a scheduled visit with the provider means there is an order for new labs? Didn't the provider just order lab tests? Is he/she a vampire just out to take my blood?

Lab tests are vital in making medical treatment decisions. The results of the test determines how mild or severe the conditions appear. The diagnosis determines whether your health requires treatment or not. The ordered labs helps the provider make a diagnosis based on the results.

Screening can identify any possible health conditions or infections even if there are no symptoms. This is mainly for early detection and allows for precautionary measures to be taken to prevent diseases.

The results of the test guides the providers treatment plan and enables the provider to make necessary adjustments to an already existing treatment plan. The provider is also able to track progress of the treatment plan. The treatment plan includes medication, radiology, diet, exercise and laboratory tests.

On site point of care testing and screening services provide quick results that can determine the best medical treatment in a timely fashion. Angels Concierge Service can offer you quick and convenient lab draws with trained phlebotomists and medical professionals. All testing can be done in the comfort of your home and save you time and money. No more traveling to an impersonal lab across town when our mobile angels can come to you.

Angels Concierge Service offers prompt screening and lab tests to help your primary care provider diagnose, treat and monitor any underlying diseases quickly. Many tests can be administered with a fingerstick and resulted in less than 30 minutes. Results can be sent to your provider within 24 hours of the test in many cases.

Toyannette Allen, RN,BSN,MS

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