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What is Functional Dentistry?

Functional medicine is a whole body approach to dental care that uses finding the root cause of dental/medical issues, education about prevention of oral disease and its links to systemic issues and using healthy and least toxic materials available.

Functional dentists understand how the oral health impacts all systemic health components. There is a link between oral health and medical health. Gut health, inflammation, genetics, hormones, patients eating, breathing and life style habits are examined to unfold the root cause of the oral microbiome imbalances and help focus on airway health.

The oral microbiome is a community of microorganisms, mainly bacteria, found largely in the mouth of humans and animals. This special environment of the mouth is ideal for the growth of certain microorganisms and as a result the oral microbiome is distinct from the gut and skin microbiomes. The mouth is. a dark, wet and low oxygen area that is a perfect environment for anaerobic pathogens to thrive. What happens in the mouth can affect the entire body.

Funtional dentists look at airway and sleep health. They want to get to the root of mouth breathing, snoring, restlessness, insomnia and other airway issues. A funtional dentist will likely use safe materials in dentistry such as laser procedures, ozone gas, biomimetric options and will teach about prevention of futher dental damage.

Funtional dentists recognize the need to maintain oral and systemic health. There is a direct link to the oral and gut microbiomes with one influencing the other. Healthy gut equals good dental health.

Some functional dentists will order tests for heavy metals, metal sensitivities, allergies and inflammatory markers to confirm suspected metal exposure in fillings, crowns and retainers. Micronurtirient testing, vitamin D, HbA1C testing are just a few of the tests a dentist or primary care provider can order.

Angels Concierge Service works with some functional dentists in the So Cal area if anlyone is interested in systemic wellness. We offer many health and wellness services that your primary care can use to monitor your health. We offer cash prices and insurance for mobile lab services. Call us at 323-421-0103 for a list of wellness and preventive services.

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